Allans - AXD-300R / 500RF

AXD-300R / AXD-500RF

AXD-300/500 new revolutionary range of x-ray is now being offerd by ALLANS its image quality and contrast helps for easy diagnosis. It has been developed by keeping in mind all the problems faced by X-ray Techni- cians.

AXD-300R/500R generator is designed to fullfill the requirements of all radiography,fluroscopy,SFD and po- cedures with manual or motorised table.Generator is suitable for use with image intensifier TV systems.

ALLANS line frequency AXD-300R/AXD-500R are manufactured by icorporated using the latest state-of- the-art technology in which Control made with using latest microctroller and durable LED keys along with programmed body factors (APR) and maual factor setting

  • Control having 168 preprogrammed body factors (Changeable).
  • Manual setting of body factors by simple using three keys.
  • Paediatric option for easy to operate for paediatric patients.
  • Operational panel is with sleek stand and wall mounted also
  • Control incorporated under the table only OP is visible