Allans - High Frequency Vector Series 15/20/32/40/50/80

VECTOR - 15/20/32/40/50/80

Allans VECTOR-15-80Kw series of High-Frequency X-Ray machines are specialized models for all general Radiography applications. These systems come with various combinations of tube stand and examination table for various profiles and application needs of specialists.

Special Features
  • Anatomical Programme (APR) with three patient sizes exposure factors Viz. KV and mAs are automatically selected depending upon the physique of the patient and part of the body to be radiographed.
  • Inbuilt micro controller based electronic overload protection as per Tube specification.
  • Self-diagnostic programme which ensures system check and error display, thereby improving fast fault detection.
  • Digital display of parameters.
  • A dual action hand switch with retractable cord for radiation protection of the operator. Control panel (optional): LCD-TFT with membrane keys as per user intended applications.