Allans - OPG Machine

Salient Features
  • Microprocessor Based Digital Control.
  • Microprocessor Controlled Digital Timer.
  • Column Carriage Can Be Operated By Foot Switch As Well As From Control Panel.
  • Wide Range Of KVp To Suit For Adults And Children.
  • Easy Switchover From OPG To CephalOmetric Mode.
  • Easy Up/Down Movement Of Carriage From Control Panel.
  • Membrane Touch Button On Panel For Easy Operation.
  • Digital Display Of KVP And Mas.
  • Space Saving Design Machine
  • Easy To Operate And Installation.
  • Audible And Visible Indication Of Exposure.
Technical Specification
Power Supply 1 Phase, 230v 50 Hz
Generator Rating Radiography, 50-90 Kvp Stepless
Tube Current Radiography, 10 mA
Focal Spot 0.5mm X 0.5mm
Target Angle 5 Degree
Total Filtration 2.8mm Ai
Panorama Cephalometry
Focus Distance 51cm 158cm
Exposure Time 19 S 0.2 To 3.5 S
Film Size 15x30 Cm 20.3 X 25.4 Cm
Optional Flat Cassette (Cr.Compitable)
Weight Approx. 220 Kg